Tradition in everything we do

Our legacy had its beginnings in Lugano, Switzerland, and our commitment to quality was handed down from one generation to the other all the way to Mexico (the Americas opcional).
The actual dream took seed in 1979 in the Mexican Caribbean, inspired by the culinary traditions of Europe. Driven by the inspired guidance and culinary ideas of a new generation, today 38 years later we continue to develop and improve our recipes, keeping Rolandi’s modern yet traditional.

We want our clients to enjoy every aspect of their Rolandi’s experience. At every location, each dish and drink is served with the pride and satisfaction of knowing that our patrons will be satisfied and happy. We distinguish ourselves with consistence, quality and care in everything we do.

A modest idea born in Cozumel is now one of the most famous restaurants in Mexico. Rolandi’s has developed new brands and new markets, expanding you into the US, successfully.

Come see us and bring your appetite, you’ll be asking for seconds.


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